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Touch For Health Kinesiology (TFH) is a Holistic Body Therapy developed by Dr Thie in the 1970’s.

Drawing on an understanding of muscular skeletal function, the neurovascular and neurolymphatic system as well as the Meridian Energy System identified in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the central premise of TFH is that Humans are intrinsically Self- Healing. However the optimal conditions for Self-Healing are found when Body, mind and Emotions are in a state of Harmonious Balance.

A session with a TFH practitioner seeks to re-balance body, mind and emotions to create those optimal conditions. TFH can be offered to a variety of issues, ranging from mental anxiety, through allergic responses to management of physical pain.

During the session the client reclines on a massage table while the practitioner tests the response of various muscles and applies the appropriate correction to restore balance. The session is always gentle, respectful and non-intrusive.

As well as being a healing modality in its own right, TFH can be a useful complement to psycho therapeutic work.