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Darina Davis

Darina Davis

Holistic Therapist
About Darina

Intuitive Touch Therapy, EFT, NLP, Holistic therapy, Stress Management.
Individuals, couples and adolescents.
m: 086 170 6995

From the earliest age, Darina has been interested in healing and human potential.

She has spent more than thirty years training in various diverse modalities and working with them in professional practice.
A study of five element Chinese medicine many years ago gave her an understanding of the connection between body, mind and energy. Extensive practice as a spiritual healer broadened her understanding of the importance of energy work as a system of healing.

In addition, training and professional certification in Stress management deepened her skill and abilities in working with mental and emotional issues. More recently, training in EFT Tapping and subsequent professional use of the modality has extended the approach she uses in her work.

Currently Darina is researching and working with trauma at all levels and she has developed a healing modality of her own, which she calls Intuitive Touch Therapy. Darina has always brought a high degree of intuitive ability to her work, allowing her to address each client’s needs in a unique and individually appropriate way. She seeks always to create a safe and nurturing space for her clients’ healing.

You can contact Darina on 086 170 6995

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