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Rex Dunlop

Rex Dunlop

Reiki Master, Spiritual Mentor
About Rex

Reike Master, Spiritual Mentor.
m: 089 201 5924

Always interested in alternative and complementary therapies, Rex spent the eighties and early nineties extensively researching and studying several modalities, including homoeopathy, naturopathy, aromatherapy and NLP to name a few.

In the mid-nineties he experienced a Touch for Health Kinesiology Balance for the first time. He was so impressed with the experience, he immediately trained to become a certified practitioner of Touch for Health. It is this modality, along with Reiki Healing energy (Rex is a certified Reiki Master) which forms the foundation of his work.

Rex believes that humans are, in fact, self-healing. In his work he sets out to create optimal conditions for this self-healing.
Rex’s approach to work is to provide soothing and rebalancing of body, mind and emotions for his clients. This soothing and rebalancing is completely nurturing, and it is in the experience of nurturing that the body, mind and emotions are best able to heal themselves and ultimately to rejuvenate.

The work is always gentle and respectful and results are often profound.
With more than forty years of meditation practice within various spiritual traditions Rex is also available as a Spiritual Mentor to anyone wishing to deepen their Spiritual Practice.

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