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Helen Gilmartin, M.I.A.H.I.P., I.C.P., E.A.P.

Director, Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Supervisor
About Helen

Supervisor, Counsellor and Psychotherapist M.I.A.H.I.P., I.C.P., E.A.P.
Individuals, Young adults, Couples, Groups
m: 087 290 0712

Helen graduated from the Institute of Creative Counselling and Psychotherapy in 1992, one of the longest established and most highly regarded trainings in Ireland. In the previous 12 years she had been working in social work and social services. This background gave her a breadth and depth of familiarity with many issues and challenges of lived experience including addiction, domestic violence, sexual trauma, couple and family dynamics, criminality, mental health issues, etc.

Her training as a psychotherapist allowed her to build on and refine this experience and to develop a lifetime journey of trying to understand how we as human beings can thrive despite adverse circumstances and painful challenges.Helen has been working in  psychotherapy/counselling since 1990, having previously worked in social work and social services. She helped to establish and run a low cost community based service in Tallaght from 1990 – 1994. She was involved in developing a service for adolescents in Dún Laoghaire from 1998 to 2001. Since 2001 she has been a director in Dundrum Counselling & Therapy Centre.

Helen believes that we can grow and develop as people throughout our lifespan and that a supportive and challenging therapeutic relationship can greatly facilitate this potential for growth. Life presents challenges and difficulties and sometimes these can overwhelm us. We can also find ourselves feeling trapped and stuck in repeating patterns which are painful and distressing but with no idea how to move out of these patterns into flexibility and freedom.

Psychotherapy is a safe confidential space in which we can step out of the busyness of everyday demands and take the time to explore what’s really going on inside and to see what we need to change in ourselves or our environment.

Helen works with:
  • adolescents (13 – 18)
  • adults
  • couples
She has also worked as a supervisor since 2003 with:
  • students in training
  • pre-accredited psychotherapists/counsellors
  • fully accredited psychotherapists/counsellors
You can contact Helen on 087 290 0712