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EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques or tapping as it is now commonly known, is a therapeutic technique developed by Gary Craig in the mid-90s and is now considered a branch of Energy Psychology. Drawing on the ancient system of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM/ Acupuncture), the understanding behind Tapping, is that the body has an energy system and that a disruption or block in the body’s energy system can create all kinds of issues, physical, mental and emotional.

By tapping with the fingertips on specific points on the face, hands and upper body while focusing on the issue, we are able to release these blocks. The resulting experience is one of more emotional freedom and in many cases the resolution of physical symptoms and mental anguish.

How does it work?

Think of the energy system as a river and imagine that river flowing easily and smoothly. The natural state of the river is to flow, just as our natural state is one of health and well-being. We talk of being in the flow and feeling good and even if we don’t use that language, we all know when something is wrong with us and we are not flowing. We know when we are stuck. The block or disruption in our energy system is the same as something damming a river. These disruptions don’t always make sense logically. For example, someone who knows intellectually that they are statistically very safe on an airplane, but still drives thousands of miles rather than fly because they once had a bad experience on a plane.

Another example could be someone who has lost a loved one and has unresolved grief. The person may logically know or think they should have recovered from the trauma of the loss but they can’t come to terms with it and feel trapped in the loss.

Traumatic experiences and unresolved childhood issues affect our thoughts, beliefs and feelings, undermining how safe we feel in ourselves and in the world. This can result in anxiety, depression and low self-esteem, issues with personal relationships and our relationship to work and money.

During a course of EFT treatments, whilst tapping on the points and focusing attention on the problem, the block is dissolved and like the river, the dam is cleared, and our energy flows freely again.

Darina Davis is an Internationally trained Level 3 Advanced EFT Practitioner and provides treatments to individuals, couples and adolescents at Dundrum Counselling and Therapy Centre.

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